Old Irish leprechaun dressed in green.

Irish Old Man

            I'm an Irish old man
            So I guess I have luck
            My riches aren't plenty
            Not nary a buck

            I've been through some hard times
            But I've muddled through
            With God's grace and mercy
            When life has been blue

            I've tried on my own
            To make it all right
            But it took His great love
            To walk through the night

            Now an Irish old man
            Is Lucky they say
            And though mine's been bad
            I'll bless you today

            First I'll give you the key
            To a happier life
            Make friends with His Son
            He'll help with your strife

            Christ will give you His love
            His strength and His shield
            He will show you the way
            But your will you must yield

            An Irish blessing from me
            Will not mean a thing
            If that's why you came here
            Make Christ your King

            I'll leave you this blessing
            From an Irish, not Keats
            May all your requests
            Never end in defeat.

~ Brian Russell ~
Copyright © 2010
Oldman's Poetry Corner
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Brian Russell Copyright © 2010 ( oldmanblurts@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Brian Russell ]

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