It's All Right

One time I heard a singer say (Elvis was his name),
The saddest song he ever heard that even caused him pain.
It was a song from years ago made popular by Hank,
It was the loneliness inside they said "thatís why he drank."

As I recall what Elvis said before he sang the song,
It was the saddest song he knew that ever came along.
He said he didnít know if he could finish but heíd try,
And then he started singing "Iím So Lonesome I Could Cry."

As you can tell, I am a fan of the singing King,
And many times I felt the sorrow in the songs heíd sing.
Late in his career, fame and fortune took its toll,
It looked as if the loneliness had just consumed his soul.

But are we any different when in loneliness weíve sank?
Do we feel the loneliness like Elvis and like Hank?
Feeling so depressed and lonely when life treats us wrong?
Feeling like the words were for us in that famous song?

Life is full of happiness when it is going great,
Sharing with your loved ones and your good friends and your mate.
Then why is it when sorrows come we go it on our own?
It seems we canít help suffering especially when alone.

Itís said we come into this world naked and alone,
And thatís the way we leave it after all our seeds are sown.
We share the happiness and joy with relatives and friends,
Never looking forward to a time when it all ends.

Many situations in our lives can bring us change,
In the blinking of an eye our life can rearrange.
Loved ones leave or in an instant breathe their final breath,
And in a moment, memories are all that we have left.

This poem is not to bring depression or to cause you sorrow,
If you are feeling pain today look forward to tomorrow.
The pain is real, but will subside, I know that pain was mine,
And day by day it will get better it just takes some time.

So if it seems your world has crumbled leaving you defeated,
This is not a poem of loss and that must be repeated.
You may feel like the song they sang and even question "why?"
It will take time to heal the pain, but itís all right to cry.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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