It Just Hurts

September 11, 2001 - For all victims of the terrorism tragedy in the United States of America.

      I try to think I try to write but words will just not come,
      I try to pen emotions of the horror that was done.
      I just feel so damn empty as I see it on TV,
      What's happened to America affecting you and me.

      I feel the pain that others feel within this land we love,
      And cry my tears for other's who have loved ones now above.
      So many lives were taken and so many families torn,
      So many that the whole world stopped to cry with us and mourn.

      We weep for those who lost their lives, we weep for those close by,
      And as we weep we ask ourselves why did they have to die?
      What went so wrong to caused this fate that came on you and I.
      And now the haunting question as we stare and wonder why?

      It makes no sense to anyone when trying to explain,
      The agonizing horror and excruciating pain.
      I feel so empty deep inside and can't pinpoint the feeling,
      This blow against America just has emotions reeling.

      This chapter of America now starts a brand new page,
      And in the twinkling of an eye we're in a different age.
      No longer can we take for granted we can live unharmed,
      When there are those against us who are ready and are armed.

      Our world as we have known it is a thing now in the past,
      And as with life we realize that some things just don't last.
      The world as we have known it suddenly was rearranged,
      And now we need to realize that everything has changed.

      But as we sit and shed our tears for loved ones that were lost,
      Realizing freedom never comes without a cost.
      The pain of this reality that has hit close to home,
      And many of our families lost a loved one of their own.

      I don't know what to say or do the pain is so intense,
      Emotions running back and forth and never making sense.
      The tears of sorrow for those lost and then it turns to rage,
      How could this happen to our country in this day and age.

      I try to find the answers but the answer will not come,
      I try to understand the reason all of this was done.
      No matter what I try to do my senses aren't alert.
      But in my heart and soul today I know that it just hurts.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2001 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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