It Starts With A Seed

Why aren't we grateful,
We have what we need.
He gave us His Word.
It starts like a seed.

We have to plant it,
By speaking it out.
If we can't believe it.
There won't be a sprout.

Remember how Jesus,
Spoke to a tree.
He said it by faith,
While others could see.

It withered and died,
Just as he said.
They were surprised,
Why it was dead.

He said we could say,
Mountain be moved.
It should obey,
Our faith be proved.

We talk to objects,
When we get mad.
Does that make sense,
No, that is sad.

But let someone speak,
What He told us to say,
Some skeptic comes along,
Sez, no way hosea.

Don't let that stop you,
When you have a need,
Remember I told you,
It starts like a seed.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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