Mother, father, and two young childern enjoying the colorful Fall leaves.

It's Time For Fall

The leaves are changing color,
It's beginning to cool down,
The kids are back in school,
And they all have a great big frown.

It's also time for football,
And to root for your favorite team,
And when they score a touchdown,
Boy, how you will scream!

Thanksgiving will be here soon,
A time to spend with loved ones,
And Mom will get everything ready,
And we can't wait till the turkey's done.

So go enjoy this wonderful time,
It's my favorite season too,
And I'm so glad it's finally here,
And I hope you are too.
~ Debbie Bongiovanni ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Debbie Bongiovanniust, Copyright © 2012 ( -- submitted by: Debbie Bongiovanni ]

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