"Jacob's Well"

Jacob's well was near Sychar,
Jesus came from not so far,
He was weary from His walk,
On His mission He would talk.

And as He sat thus on the well,
There was a story He had to tell,
There came a woman for a drink,
It's a Jew she said, I think,

Jesus knew how great her needs,
She had done some real bad deeds,
He ask her for a drink that day,
That's why He came by that way.

Why do you ask being a Jew,
You know I'm a Samaritan too,
You know Jews don't deal with us,
This was One she could trust.

She didn't know He was God's gift,
She had some sin He wanted to lift,
He said if you knew who talks to thee,
He'd forgive her sins and set her free.

You have nothing to draw with she said,
The well was deep way over her head,
He said whosoever this water they drink,
Will thirst again, it made her think.

I have water to give you know not of,
She didn't know He was from above,
If you drink you'll never thirst,
He wanted to take care of her first.

Go call your husband and come to me,
Her answer was she had none you see,
There were five husbands in her life,
She had one now, but was not his wife.

She said you're a prophet I perceive,
She found a man she could believe,
She ran into the city, said to the men,
Come see a man who knew me then,

The water I give is in you a well,
After you drink you'll want to tell,
It happened to her that very day,
She dropped her pot, went on her way,

The sweetest story this woman heard,
Caused her to go and spread the word,
Many believed on Jesus that day,
It's our job also to show them the way.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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