Jelly Jar Grace

I looked at the jar
So ill-used by my boy
Mud filled and rocky
Was his jelly jar toy

A great muddy mess
Both inside and out
A once useful jar
Yet now - I have doubt

My son, in contrition
Hands me the mess
I don't know the outcome
I admit I feel stress

Then a thought tickles gently
In the back of my mind
I head to the sink
To see what I can find

Some suds and some water
A sponge and some rags
I set the jar down
As my head gently wags

"I'll work very hard
To clean up this mire,
The jar might prove useful
A good scrubbing's required."

So I scrubbed and I polished
I washed the outside
Some mud disappeared
But most couldn't hide

I held up the jar
Shiny clean from without
"There! It is spotless."
My son expressed doubt

"Why, I washed and I scrubbed
I shined and I cleaned.
If the jar is polluted
You must tell what you mean."

I was told that the vessel
Once useful and clean
Held tightly to grime
To my son plainly seen

"I washed the exterior
Is that not enough?"
Apparently not
As my boy called my bluff

The jar - like our lives
Is filled with corruption
Cleaning only the outside
In the end finds destruction

A lesson was learned
With my son by my side
Don't just clean the surface
Deep clean the inside

For the glass - crystal clear
Revealing muck deep within
Represents our rebellion
The muck is our sin

We then spoke of Jesus
And His soul-cleansing power
He's ready to forgive
Right this minute, this hour

Next time, when we slip
Our hearts stained in the race
Let's remember the lesson
Of jelly jar grace

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall "The Encourager" ( -- from Glenn Hascall ]


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