Jesus Forgives

While sitting in my chair one day
The doorbell chimed one time
I wondered who was at the door
As out of the chair I climbed.

As I walked across the carpet
I thought, "my hairís a mess"
Iíd been watching TV all morning
I had not even gotten dressed.

I thought itís probably someone
With something for me to buy
Iíll tell them "no" and hope theyíll go
At least, thatís what Iíll try.

But when I opened up that door
My mouth fell open wide
Jesus, my Lord and Savior asked
"Will you let me come inside?"

He said, I need to talk with you
Give me a little of your time
You really need to hear these words
Iíve had you on my mind.

I guess you think lifeís going great
Since I havenít heard from you
The times youíve come to Me in prayer
Have been so very few.

He looked down at my bible
I hadnít opened in quite awhile
You used to read My word each day
Whatís happened to you, my child?

I had no answer for Him
But He could see into my heart
I had let my Savior slip away
Worldly pleasures had kept us apart.

Lord, Iím always in a hurry
With a million things to do
I did make time for other things
But I didnít make time for You.

I said, my Jesus forgive me
I know that Iíve done wrong
I havenít been living the life I should
I admit, Iíve been weak, not strong.

Itís easy my Jesus to get out of step
In this fast paced world today
But Iím ready to turn my life around
And follow You all the way.

Jesus, please give me another chance
Iíll prove that I can be
A living example of one You saved
When You died at Calvary.

The smile on His face I still can see
And the love within His eyes
I knew that He still cared for me
And Heíd heard my humble cries.

He said, my child, I forgive you
Thatís the reason Iím here today
You are one of My precious sheep
And you simply went astray.

When He spoke these tender words
I fell to my knees in praise
To thank Him for His forgiveness
For my evil and sinful ways.

He reached out and took my hand
He held it tightly in His own
If you forgive others as I forgave you
One day, I will welcome you home.

Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness of our sins.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2001 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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