Jesus, Rednecks, and Me

      Jesus was a redneck like me I know.
      So many places in the Bible tell me so.
      He was born in a barn and slept on a hay trough bed.
      So, I know that Jesus' neck must be a little red.

      His step-daddy was a carpenter with calluses on his hand.
      Jesus traveled by foot or mule in His Southern homeland.
      He never received a degree from any ivy-league schools,
      Yet he made the high flautin' city doctors look just like fools.

      He hung around with fishermen in their Judean bass boats
      And he knew the difference between the sheep and the goats.
      He spent most of his time with the social outcasts and the poor.
      Just like a Southern gentleman all were welcome at His door.

      He went from one to another little Israeli rural town
      Teachin' underneath the blue sky a sittin' on the ground.
      He took His lessons from the land and the lowly beast.
      He's even workin' up a Church Homecoming Feast!

      I don't have to do no fancy talkin' when I kneel in prayer
      And just like my best friend Pete, He is always there.
      We spend time at each other's houses though He is mostly at mine.
      By listenin' to His holy words I can walk that narrow line.

      One day those city folks nailed Him to an old rugged Cross.
      What would be my everlasting gain was their eternal loss.
      Like that mighty Mississippi that river of blood flooded my soul
      And saved me from torment in the Devil's flaming water hole!

      You can be a city slicker, a country boy or from some little town,
      But unless Jesus saves your soul one-day to Hell you will go down.
      Call upon Him while you can from sin to set you free.
      He can do it for you, cuz He saved an old redneck like me.

- Dr. Ronald E. Shultz -

[ by: Dr. Ronald E. Shultz -- Copyright © 2004, submitted by: ]


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