Jesus Steps In

        When before God I humbly stand,
        there'll be no one there to hold my hand,
        no one telling me what to say,
        Just me and God face to face.
        My book before God will be opened wide,
        nothing I can change, or try to hide,
        every account have been accurately written;
        There the works I've done will speak for me,
        Did Gods commandments, I faithfully keep?
        Now Jesus steps in as my witness,
        before my father, He will confess,
        I am His; and truly blessed,
        for I have a right, to the tree of life;
        step through the gates, and into the city,
        To live with God; throughout eternity.

~ Patty Faye Locklear ~

[ by: Patty Faye Locklear, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from: Patty Locklear ]


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