Jesus hands.

Jesus’s Nail Pierced Hand

As I look back over the years Lord
It’s Your nail pierced hand that I see,
Placed on my head with infinite love
Claiming a silent victory!

A victory that said, “No matter what happens
My child, my hand is always on you,
I am watching each trial, my hand it remains
My love - it is carrying you through!”

Not leaving my head for a moment,
He said, “Do you know what it cost?
When those nails of iron tore into my flesh
When so much of my Blood I had lost?

“Each stroke drove the nail in deeper
Until I hung on that cross in agony,
Thinking not of the pain, but of you my child,
And how much you needed to be set free!”

“I knew one day I would place on your head
This very same hand that was torn,
I knew it would protect you from the wages of sin
I knew my child it had to be borne!”

“So I hung there in silence, broken with pain
Thinking only my child of the day,
When my nail pierced hand would rest on your head
And I would smile when I hear you say,

“His nailed pierced hand torn and wounded,
Gives me strength on my journey today,
I know on my head it will always remains
Even when my feet have gone astray!”

“My Jesus, I thank thee for all thou has done
For the scar on your hand that I see,
It was a badge of honour for you my Lord,
And a lifelong comfort to me”!

~ Judy Doyle ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Judy Doyle, Copyright © 2010 -- submitted by: Judy Doyle ]

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