Joy Comes in the Morning!

"Lie down until the morning!"
"But it's dark, Lord!
My worries, doubts, fears
Haunt dark corridors of my mind."

"Lie down until the morning!"
"But the night is so long, Lord!
I can't wait; I can't trust;
I can't believe, Lord!"

"Lie down until the morning!"
"Here's my unbelief, Lord!
Take the coal nuggets of worries, doubts, fear
Turn them into Your diamonds of faith, hope, trust."

"I'll lie down until the morning, Lord!
I come softly to Your feet;
Cover me through the long dark night.
I do believe, I will believe!"
Your joy comes in the morning!

*Based on Ruth 3:13 and Psalm 30:5.

~ Peggie C. Bohanon ~

[ by Peggie C. Bohanon Copyright © 1999, Springfield, MO -- {used with permission} ]

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