Joy in the Morning

          Come my children, rest beside me
          Throw away your fears.
          Jesus, my son is coming soon,
          To dry up all your tears.

          Look beyond the time of sorrows,
          Be ready for the dawning,
          Come and rest beside your Father,
          There will be joy in the morning.

          Sing sweet songs of melody,
          Sing them to the nations,
          Gather all my people in,
          Show them their foundation.

          Commit your way unto me,
          Love me with all your heart,
          Commit your way unto me,
          Let me give you a new start.

          Allow me to hold you,
          To bathe you in my love,
          Joy will come in the morning,
          Look for the turtle dove.

          Silently come before me,
          Let me speak to you of things,
          Listen to my calling,
          There are rewards the Sonship brings.

          Put your light in the window,
          Let them know who you are,
          Donít resist my prompting,
          You are as bright to me as any star.

          Beloved, let me hold you,
          Let me heal you and behold you,
          Give me freedom to enfold you,
          And surround you with my love.

~ Diane Mulford ~

"This poem was given to me by the Lord, during a time of praise and worship."

[ by: Diane Mulford, Copyright © 2005 -- submitted by: Diane Mulford ( ]


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