Julie Ambrose

      Where the little creek runs through the cow pasture wide
      there lived a young maiden on a sloping hillside
      Fair as a daisy and sweet as a rose
      she was known the world over as Julie Ambrose.

      She was courted by boys from towns all around
      but the one she loved best was ole Danny Brown.
      He gave her a ring, said the knot they would tie
      as soon as his cotton and corn were "laid by".

      This promise she cherished and held in her heart
      she loved him and together a new crop they'd start.
      But as luck would have it, young Julie met fate
      her horse threw her over the new garden gate.

      She parted the rows as swiftly she flew,
      and then came to rest in the morning's wet dew.
      She drew her last breath, lying there on the ground
      and never did marry her sweet Danny Brown.

      By the side of the road, they laid her to rest
      and the pine box she laid in was one of the best.
      Her Love's heart was broken, he cried with remorse,
      pulled a gun from his pocket and..........
      shot that darn horse!!

~ Janette Ingram ~

[ by: Lana Janette Ingram, Copyright © 2008 (janetteingram@gmail.com) -- submitted by: Janette Ingram ]


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