"Just a Vessel in Your Hands"

Sweet Holy Spirit, precious You,
with comforts do attend . . .
each needy, anxious child of God
desiring to befriend ~

To comprehend our Holy God
upon His creation views . . .
each tiny bird fall to the ground
and feeds them as He choose ~

And then to know beyond a doubt
His Seed is dearer still . . .
for whom JESUS shed His precious blood
obeying our Father's will ~

He did not call an angel band
no, alone He bled and died . . .
washing sins as far as East from West
to whom His Royal blood's applied ~

O ~ what an honour ~ privilege
to be counted of worth to Thee . . .
to share the messages from You
through this bit of clay, Lord, me ~

Praise You Heavenly Father
pour me out as Your will commands . . .
filled and emptied day to day

[ Author unknown -- from Christine, via the-inspired-buffalo@yahoogroups.com ]


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