Just A Word

      The day is drawing closer...and I'm going to be a dad,
      You think that I am nervous...well I might be just a tad.
      We don't know what the baby is...we didn't want to know,
      Whatever sex the baby is...we know we'll love it so.

      Becoming parents is exciting...when it is your first,
      But waiting so impatiently...has got to be the worst.
      We always get excited...even planning life ahead,
      The baby's room and furniture...and baby's little bed.

      To think I'm going to be a dad...like many have before,
      So many good dads out there but...I want to be much more.
      I guess each new dad goes through this...he wants to be the best,
      He thinks that he can be a dad...much better than the rest.

      But I know I will be a good one...I will work at it,
      And I will handle it in stride...with courage and with wit.
      I will do the best I can...to give that special touch,
      Because I want to be a father...very very much.

      I know to be a father...is a dream that many have,
      To others it just happens...when they do become a dad.
      To some it may be natural...when babies come along,
      But that is always not the case...and sometimes things go wrong.

      What does it take to be a dad...and share a father's love?
      Is it based on miracles...that come from up above?
      Is it based on heritage...and passing on your genes?
      Or is it based on love...you want to share by any means?

      To be a father to a child...is more than just a birth,
      It is the greatest treasure...that a man can have on earth.
      To want to be a loving father...giving of yourself,
      Bringing up a little one...in happiness and health.

      It is the most a man can be...to satisfy his life,
      To be a loving father...and a husband to his wife.
      Then when you hear, "I love you daddy"...and your eyes are blurred,
      You realize it through your tears...adoption's just a word.

[ James "PoppyK" Kisner (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- from 'Heartwarmer' ]


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