Just for Me

Jesus came to earth for me,
so I might someday Heaven see.

He wanted to share His Father's Love,
so He left Heaven up above.

He tried to teach us all of Gods' Word,
the sweetest story ever heard.

Some men did not want to hear,
for His Words made their hearts fear.

So with Judas they made a plan,
to end the life of this wonderful man.

Then they nailed Him to the cross,
for all of mankind it was a great loss.

The sky grew black in the middle of the day,
everyone fell on their knees to pray.

For now all knew He was God's Son,
and what an awful thing they had done.

His Disciples were all very sad,
because He was the best friend that they had.

Then soon they had a big surprise,
when Jesus Appeared before their eyes.

He had come back from His grave,
He Gave His Life, ours to save.

His Coming has made the earth a better place,
someday soon we shall see His Smiling Face.

[ by Pamela Gayle Smith, ©1999 -- from chaplain777@yahoogroups.com ]


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