Just One Day

When I have lots of worries,
I go to my Lord in prayer.
Asking Him to supply my needs.
His answer is always there.

"I told you, my child, I'd lift you up
and bear your burdens, too.
Ask me each day for what you need,
And I will take care of you."

I list my worries, a list of wants.
Yet something I've noticed, I must say.
The Lord doesn't give me all I ask for.
He supplies my needs for... just one day!

I wonder if He knows, much better than I,
that if He grants all that I ask,
I won't spend time down on my knees.
Prayer then would just be a task!

So my Lord does supply all my needs,
and I continue to pray.
"Don't worry about tomorrow," He says.
"I will take care of you.... today!"

[ by Dot Wilson © 2002 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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