Just So You Will Know

A few years ago I had a friend,
He always used to say,
"Tell people how and what you feel,
there might not be another day."

I did not listen I really thought,
I'll tell him I love him tomorrow.
Tomorrow did not come for us,
Only pain and sorrow.

I will not make that same mistake,
And here's what I will do.
I'll send this poem to all my friends,
And tell you I love you.

Best friend, close friend, friend at all,
You mean the world to me.
I thank you for the people you are,
And every memory.

I love the laughter and the tears,
Everything we share.
Thank you for being in my life,
The times that you were there.

I am sorry for any hurt I caused,
If I could I'd take it back.
I'd unlock the doors into the past
But it's that key I lack.

Please don't hold the past inside,
We can't go back and change.
Life has its laws and limits,
And the past is out of range.

Forgive, forget, it's easier,
For both you and the other one.
It closes open windows,
And leaves nothing left undone.

Don't be mad if I might change,
Everybody does.
We'll change forever while we're here,
And only just because.

You cannot change the ones you love,
Shape them to your way.
Please love me for who I am,
Each and everyday.

I hold onto our memories,
When we're gone they live.
Instead of tears and heartache,
It's happiness they give.

Sometimes in life, things get hard,
But it's all for the best.
Sit back and take it when it comes,
It's just a little test.

My friend, he told me that in these times
A lesson must be learned.
Don't fight the lesson, it might be hard,
be strong or you'll get burned.

Make someone smile everyday,
A smile means a lot.
Don't wish for things that you can't have,
Cherish what you've got.

Sometimes we can't have people,
Because of God or other reasons.
Remember there's a time for all,
Life has got its seasons.

Sometime life takes them away from us,
But here's what we must know.
You don't have to stop loving them,
You just have to let them go.

Listen to your heart,
Not always with your head.
Love isn't what we learn,
It's something felt instead.

You're all so special to me,
I love you upon no ends.
I love you just the way you are,
I treasure all my friends.

No matter how we are today,
Tomorrow if I go,
I am telling you I LOVE YOU,
Just so you will know.

[ Author unknown -- from Andy Chap ]


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