Just Suppose

Some say there is no hereafter,
We just die like a beast;
We'll never live again, they say,
When life on Earth shall cease.

They say there isn't any Hell,
And Heaven can't exist;
That we can live just as we please
And God we can resist,

That nothing happens to us
For living here in sin;
We do not need to live for God,
Nor have a change within.

But just suppose it might be true
That we reap what we sow;
Because we try to think a thing
Doesn't always make it so.

But just suppose we'll have to meet
Our God on judgement day,
How would we wish that we had lived
When we had time to pray?

Now, this is true and not suppose:
We'll have to meet our God.
We cannot die just like a beast;
We know sin's path we've trod.

So many here on Earth have found
That God does answer prayer,
And when they really want His grace,
They find that it is there.

And that He takes away their sins
So they don't love such things.
Why not try God and find it true
That prayer the blessing brings?

[Ethel B. Starr (from "The Highway and Hedge Evangel" magazine), via Aiken Drum]


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