Just What I Need

God give me strength to do what I must
And to remember that it's You who I should trust

Let me be kind in my words today
Despite my pain, I'll have nice things to say

Show me Your wisdom found deep in You Word
Perhaps there's a message I have not yet heard

When I want to give up; keep me close to You
So I know you are with me no matter what I go through

Those times when I stumble and fall right on my face
Remind me it's because I stepped out of my place

You are my Healer and time is Your key
Someday soon there will be a miracle in me

Waiting on You God, is a step of faith and hope
But knowing You're faithful is just how I cope

This illness can't last forever, so in You I rest
Trusting always in the One who knows best

[ Author unknown -- from Denial ]


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