Keep Our Eyes On Jesus

Letís keep our eyes on Jesus.

This world is not for us.

We became His children,

When in Him, we placed our trust.

Letís keep our eyes on Jesus.

Heís soon coming for His bride.

We must all be ready,

When He calls us to His side.

Weíll kneel before our Master.

Weíll give Him all the praise.

For Heís the One who saved us,

When He died and then was raised.

Letís keep our eyes on Jesus,

For our treasures are above.

There is a crown He promised,

To those who give Him love.

Heíll open The Book to judge us,

For the works we did while here.

Did we do them for His glory,

With a heart that was sincere?

If our works withstand the fire,

We have gems to adorn our crown.

But if our works burn like chaff,

Then no gems will there be found.

So while weíre here still waiting,

Letís reach out to those still lost.

Tell all how Jesus redeemed us,

When He died to pay our cost.

We want to please our Master,

By helping those in need.

By following His example,

We know we will succeed.

Share food with all who hunger,

Provide shelter to those whoíre cold.

Lift up the young and helpless.

Reach out to the lonely and old.

As we are eagerly awaiting,

For our Bridegroom to appear,

Letís do all He has commanded,

For the time is drawing near.

The crown which we are promised,

We, in turn, will give to Him.

On the day we lay it at His feet,

May it be adorned with gems.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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