Young woman smiling.

Keep Smiling!

When you dress for the day
always put on a smile.
And as you walk out the door
let your smile stretch a mile.

You always look your best
with a smile on your face.
And others will look at you
as a person full of grace.

Your radiant smile says much
about your state of mind.
And it leaves a remembrance
of a sweet and lasting kind.

Many people are drawn to you
because they see your smile.
It rubs off on those you meet
and they to will smile awhile.

A smile lifts heavy loads
and helps people on their way.
Its value cannot be measured
so wear a smile everyday.

~ Lenora McWhorter ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Lenora McWhorter, Copyright © 2012 ( lmcnora at ) - submitted by: Lenora McWhorter ]

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