Sometimes I feel so shriveled up,
my soul as dry as dust.
My heart is like an empty cup
which has from God been thrust.

The Lord has banished me from sight.
He's hedged me all about.
I'm in a pit, as black as night,
He does not hear me shout.

I search my heart to see what's wrong:
is there some hidden sin?
No answer seems to come along—
just nothing from within.

"Where is Your Peace, Oh God?" I sigh,
"Why have You fled away?
Why don't I feel Your presence nigh,
deep in my heart today?"

My strength has melted from within.
In misery I grope.
When I recall my former sin,
then gone is any hope!

* * * * *

But then the truth comes to my mind:
"My God's a God of Grace.
If He were not, then I would find
eternal doom I'd face.

For long, God will not turn away.
With hope, I'll search for Him each day:
He comes to those who wait.

I've called upon Your name, Oh Lord.
I know You've heard my voice.
You said, "Fear not!"…I'll trust Your Word.

- Helen Dowd -

[ by Helen Dowd Copyright © 2004, ( -- {used with permission} ]


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