Last Farewell

          Let not your souls be weary
          Shed tears of joy my friends,
          The journeys just beginning,
          A life that never ends.

          Find hope within your grieving heart,
          Lift up your chin with pride,
          A true mans worth is only known,
          When his friends are by his side.

          And on this day, this final hour,
          As Im carried to the grave,
          It humbles me to know that you,
          Were with me all the way.

          And as you take these final steps,
          With grace and dignity,
          I hope that you will always know,
          How much it meant to me.

          Youd lift me up, when times were tough,
          True friends are hard to find,
          How fitting today, my last farewell,
          That you carry me one last time.

~ Lisa J Schlitt ©2006 ~
All Rights Reserved 

[ Author: Lisa J Schlitt, Copyright © 2006 ( -- submitted by: Lisa J Schlitt ]


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