Learning To Know God's Voice

I love the Lord with all my heart,
I remember the day I made my start,
He changed my whole life around,
Oh what great Joy does abound.

Since I've made the Lord my choice.
I'm learning to know my God's voice,
I think about Him all day long,
He fills my heart with a song.

Father loves me when I'm wrong,
For when I'm weak He is strong,
I need to tell you about His love,
His Spirit came down like a dove.

He will take away all of your sin,
If you will let Jesus Christ come in,
Friend you will never be the same,
When you are saved in Jesus name.

You will have a brand new birth,
That's why Jesus came to earth,
Can you believe what I've told you,
I will promise every word is true.

I urge you to obey His command,
Take up your cross, make a stand,
I'm glad you are making the choice,
You have heard the Father's voice.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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