Let Go! -- Let God!

When loved ones are taken, husband, wife, child, mother, sister, whichever may be.
Each survivor thinks no one loves or misses them half as much as me.

It's hard to imagine another's pain.
When in our own misery we seem determined to maintain.

It isn't until we let our loved ones go,
That we can help others and their feelings know.

Otherwise, we are wrapped up in our own feelings, our grief,
And are incapable of giving others suffering, relief.

If we trust God and know no mistakes He makes,
We should thank Him when one of our loved ones He takes.

For never again will mental or physical pain they have to endure.
Because their Heavenly Father loves them so, with Him they are secure.

Though we've always known we'd each have to leave this earth one day,
We pretend that time is far, far away.

So to wish them back on earth even if we could,
Would hurt them rather than do them good.

Let go, let God be in charge of our dear one's life.
Let go, let God remove all strife.

So God can use us to help see others through,
That have lost loved ones, like me, like you.

[ by: Mona Rae (June 1995) ]


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