Heavenly picture - death and dying poem.

Letter From Home

In loving memory of my brother Joe-Joe

You know I would not just leave you,
This is what I had to do.
God called me home one fine day,
So I could no longer stay.

There's one thing you must know,
Where I am you can go.
Jesus is the way, The truth and The life,
Follow Jesus, He will be your guiding light.

Today I am happy safe and free,
No more trials or sorrows for me.
I am talking with Jesus and saints of ole,
Strolling down streets of gold.

So please don't be sad any longer,
From this moment on you can be stronger.
I want you to be happy that I made it home,
And all my suffering and pain is gone.

I didn't leave you all alone,
And you are in a good home.
Never doubt I love you so,
I'll be seeing you soon in Heaven I know.

~ Patty Faye Locklear ~
Copyright © 2011
All Right Reserved
[ by: Patty F. Locklear, Copyright © 2011, ( patty.locklear@yahoo.com ) -- submitted by: Patty Locklear ]

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