Life’s Storms

      When the storms of life beset us and we feel we’re drifting down
      Beneath the stormy waters of the problems that abound,
      We should not be discouraged; we need only look above,
      God has promised to be with us and enfold us in His love.

      Our Lord does not intend for us to face these storms alone,
      He’s here to offer comfort even while we’re tossed and blown.
      As winds of despair are blowing and waves of strife rise higher,
      Remember He can still these storms with His glorious mighty power.

      Our Lord will not desert us; He’ll be with us through it all.
      We need to feel His presence even if we stumble and fall.
      He is always here beside us and He’ll extend a helping hand,
      We only need to grasp it and He’ll place us back on land.

      God sometimes sends these storms of life to help us to discover
      That even though they beat us down, He’ll help us to recover.
      Our faith is sometimes tested with the storms of life we face,
      It sometimes takes a little time, but His plan falls into place.

      We grow in faith and character when we overcome these storms,
      Learning discipline and humility with each prick of every thorn.
      We learn to trust more fully and to never lose sight of hope,
      For when we face the storms of life, God will toss the saving rope.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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