Bright rays of light shining on the trail.

The Light Along Our Trails

The Son is the Light that guides us.

          He lights the trails that we travel,
          Should we find we have lost our way;
          Lighting our path, guiding us on,
          Leading us through our darkest days.

          He is our rock and our anchor,
          Getting us past the things we fear;
          Always hearing us when we pray,
          Never leaving us to despair.

          Shielding us from the fiercest storms,
          That threaten to blow us away;
          Without His compassion and love,
          How would we ever find our way?

          Despite all the things we do wrong,
          Our Lord still sees the good we do;
          Long as we keep Him in our hearts,
          He won t abandon me or you.

          When the devil is at our doors,
          Tempting us to do something wrong;
          His love is there to protect us,
          It s His light that helps keep us strong.

          Thank our Lord for His guiding light,
          Thank Him for our being reborn;
          With the light that He gives to us,
          We can bravely face each new dawn.

~ Paul D. Berube ~
Copyright 2009
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Paul D. Berube Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Paul D. Berube ]

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