Old multi-sail ship.

Lights Along The Shore

        My life is like a ship out at sea,
        Burdens toss me about as ocean waves;
        I am Thankful God watches over me,
        My compass is set ~ I know Jesus Saves.

        Trials come and press down on me,
        It's then I trust Jesus ~ He is my Anchor;
        Waves of trouble allow me to see,
        Jesus has Control so I can conquer.

        I keep my eyes on the distant shore,
        My ship is tossed as if to sink;
        I bow to pray as the ocean waves roar,
        My faith must be firm and not shrink.

        Jesus in my Captain 'til life is through,
        With Him ~ I will not lose my way;
        The Lighthouse Beam is within my view,
        He leads and guides me to Eternal Day.

        The lights are bright along the shore,
        They glisten as diamonds in the night;
        The Beacon guides while breakers roar,
        He has kept me safe and in His sight.

        Some day, my Vessel will safely land,
        I'll meet loved ones who passed on before;
        God will smile and tenderly take my hand,
        Then I'll be at Home on Heaven's Shore.

~ Leona I. Miller ~
All Rights Reserved

[ By: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2003 - regular contributor: Leona I. Miller ]

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