Life is Like a Roller Coaster

          Life is like is like a roller coaster,
          Moving, oh, so fast.
          You're in the present one time,
          But soon, that time's the past.

          Life is like a roller coaster,
          Sometimes it's great fun;
          Yet other times you're shouting
          Please let this thing be done!

          Through good and bad, ups and downs,
          You weave and turn about.
          At times you can t help wailing,
          I think I'm falling out!

          You mutter, Some amusement park.
          This thing was suppose to be fun!
          But then before you know it,
          The ride is over and done.

          You realize all the trials
          Have strengthened you in the end,
          And with a sort of smile you think,
          I'd like to do that again!

~ Alyssa Marie Bentham ~

[ by: Alyssa Marie Bentham, Copyright © 2007 ( -- from Alyssa Bentham ]


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