Black Cockapoo Dog.

Little Black Dog

          Little black dog with eyes of brown
          we never see you wear a frown
          You're happy with a ball or an old dry bone
          Your eyes light up when we come home

          Little black dog, you never fail
          to greet us with your waggly tail
          You prance with joy around our feet --
          What makes a dog so doggone sweet?

          You know all gifts come from your master
          That's why your little heart beats faster
          You gladly follow your master's way,
          eager to please him every day

          Little black dog, I wish that we
          could look at life the way you see
          We'd smile, just knowing God is near
          His tender voice, we'd strain to hear

          The simple things would bring us joy --
          like the laugh of a little girl or boy
          The thought of seeing Him face-to-face
          would cause our eager hearts to race

          And we would always give Him praise
          for every gift, thru all our days
          With every ounce of strength, we'd go
          to follow Him, Who loves us so

          And when He called us to come home
          we'd dance for joy around His throne
          Little black dog, it's plain to see
          God sent you to teach these things to me
~ Connie Faust ~
[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2007 ( -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]

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