Picture of Jesus holding a little black sheep in His arms.

Little Black Sheep

In my home, I have two figurines
that mean so much to me.
Neither is of value
nor considered much to see.

The first one is a mother sheep,
a white and furry ewe;
the other one a little lamb
who is shiny black in hue.

When I look at them I'm often struck
by the deeper meaning I find:
a loving parent and wayward child
most often come to my mind.

I see in them the message
of the Bible's prodigal son
welcomed home with open arms
no matter what he had done.

How sweet a message does that send
to mortals such as me?
Another chance to turn around
and pray on bended knee.

Our God is a loving father,
his Son our savior true
and the Holy Spirit abides with us
each day our whole life through.

God knew we would not be perfect;
that we would stumble and sin
throughout our lifelong journey
before we return to him.

That's why he gives reminders
and chances day by day.
It's why he grants forgiveness
and a light to guide our way.

Look around and you will find him
in places you often pass by.
He's standing right there beside you.
He will hear you whenever you cry.

~ Linda Lee Gleason ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2013 ( llgleason@bellsouth.net ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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