( April 21, 1999 )

            Dear Parents, Friends and Loved Ones,
            Of these precious youth you've lost,
            I see your broken spirits,
            I know the terrible cost.

            Though evil reigned at Columbine,
            And horror filled the air,
            I wanted all of you to know,
            I left Heaven and went there.

            I summoned Heaven's Angels,
            Long before the call came in,
            To share the dreadful warning,
            Of what would soon begin.

            The Angels wings were folded,
            They knew what was to come,
            I said, "I'll lead this mission."
            And they followed one by one.

            "I will go and get these children,
            And bring them home with me,
            So they can live in Heaven,
            Where it's safe and terror free."

            I prepared a special schoolhouse,
            It stands out from all the rest,
            The Welcome Mat reads, "Columbine,"
            It's reserved for Heaven's best.

            I was hovering all around them,
            In the Library and the Hall,
            When the evil forces entered,
            Your children heard me call.

            I wrapped my arms around them,
            Pulled them close unto my breast,
            "I've come to take you with me,
            We must go, and leave the rest."

            "Your friends will long remember,
            All the cool times that you shared,
            And the Angels will remind them,
            How very much you cared."

            Yes, I took those precious children,
            In the twinkling of an eye,
            We were on our way to Heaven,
            To their new schoolhouse in the sky.

            I know many hearts are broken,
            I know the pain that you bear,
            My heart is also broken,
            By the evil everywhere.

            Please help me fight this battle,
            To keep our children safe,
            Through prayers, love, and sharing,
            As we keep holding on to the Faith.

            That Peace will surely reign one day,
            In schools throughout the lands,
            For all our future hopes and dreams,
            Rest in our students hands.

            I'll give you peace to fill your heart,
            Send the sun to break the night,
            Provide the strength to move beyond,
            The wrongs and do what's right.

            You ask how I can know your pain,
            From the loss of your dear one,
            It's because it seems like yesterday,
            When I too gave up my only Son.

    [ Author Unknown -- from Nicole C. ]


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