Living Treasures

I have sunlight on my shoulders
with bright blue skies ahead,
And bluebirds sang a song for me
while I was still in bed.

There's a hint of spice and cinnamon
brought by the morning breeze,
And there's a touch of red and gold
appearing in the trees.

Days are growing shorter now
and nights can bring a chill.
The squirrels are hiding acorns
in the woods beside the mill.

Mom's making apple cider
and filling mason jars.
September nights have been so clear
you can see a million stars!

It's harvest time upon the earth,
a time for giving thanks,
For these, the living treasures,
we never find in banks.

God showers us with blessings
sometimes great, sometimes small...
And for these, the living treasures,
we praise Him for them all!

[ by Clay Harrison -- from Lady Millie, via Aiken Drum ]


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