Log Cabin Christmas

The once living wood
Is now a burning ember
The wood fed fuel
Warms this night in December

The flames have diminished
To a soft warming glow
The sky is dull gray
And threatening new snow

So far from the city
Bundled up for the night
Tomorrow's an occasion
I'll remember with light

A Bethlehem stable
A child's first cry
The angelic band
Then shepherds draw nigh

There's a candle in my window
Burning a hole in the frost
A welcoming beacon
To those who are lost

I'm alone in this cabin
But I do have a guest
He's invited to stay
And in Him I find rest

In a few hours the sun will rise
On a day meant for gifts
I'll remember His life
Then to Him, mine I'll lift

It's a silent night
It's a holy night
It is peaceful
And everything is just right

And the mantle clock chimes
And awakes me from slumber
The fire has died
In need of new lumber

Thank you, Jesus
I say - right out loud
And I see sparkling stars
Piercing through cloud

Merry Christmas, Jesus
Thanks for deliverance
From my own sinful past
And my stubborn resistance

I stretch as I rise
Covering mouth as I yawn
Happy birthday, Jesus
I must rest before dawn

Then in a voice, ragged
In a key not defined
I sing out a carol
To my Savior, Divine

The snow starts to fall
On a blanket of white
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night.

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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