Look To The Lord

As we travel down lifeís highway,
We face many bumps in the road.
We have decisions we have to make
Which can place on us a heavy load.

We want to do whatís best for us.
We want to do whatís right.
This is the time to look to God.
He can help us see the light.

We need to go to Him in prayer.
We need to ask His lead.
For through His loving guidance,
Heíll help us to succeed.

We might reach a fork in the road,
and feel we know the right way.
But we need to ask the Lord for help,
and hear what He has to say.

If we try to do it all on our own,
it might not be in Godís plan.
Thatís why we need His assistance,
so letís reach and take His hand.

Heíll lead us down the right path.
Heíll help us make the right choice.
But we must ask His help through prayer.
And then listen for His voice.

God wants to help us in all we do.
He wants to be our guide.
Letís look to Him for all our needs.
For we know He will provide.

God is always constant and true.
Through His word we know Heís there.
He loves us. He wants whatís best for us.
And weíre assured of His daily care.

Don't let foolish pride lead to strife.
We donít need to do it all alone.
God can calm the storms of our life.
Whenever weíre tossed and blown.

So look to God to meet our every need,
No matter how bad our personal plight.
He's with us as we struggle and grieve,
He'll see us through the darkest night.

Thank you Lord for always being just a prayer away. May we look to you, whatever we face, and trust Youíll show us the way.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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