Look Up!  Look Up!

Keep looking up. God knows our needs
He always hears our prayer
He understands our hurting soul.
Our God is always there.

Sometimes when we are hurting,
we feel like giving up.
We cry aloud in anguish.
“Lord, I’ve had about enough.

“Please take me home! I’m tired of life.
I’m ready to give up!”
But listen carefully and you will hear,
“My child, look up. Look up!

”Keep looking up. Look up! Look up!
I am beyond the sky.
Although you may not see me,
I’m always standing by.”

So when you are discouraged,
Remember, this, my Friend.
Keep looking up. Look up! Look up!
God is with you to the end.

~ Helen Dowd ~

[ by Helen Splane Dowd Copyright © 2008, (hsdowd@telus.net) -- submitted by: Helen Dowd ]

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