Looking To Heaven

Iím looking forward to Heaven,
My final resting place.
I can only imagine the oppulence
Surrounding the Throne of Grace.

No need for any sun or moon,
When I finally see Godís face.
Itíll shine brighter than any star,
He lovingly put in place.

Because of my sinful nature,
Godís face is now hidden to me.
But when I join Him in Heaven,
What beauty I know Iíll see.

Because God is a Spirit,
I wonder how He will look.
I know that I will be like Him,
It says so in His Book.

I wonder how weíll communicate,
Through speech or simply by thought.
It matters not because I know,
By His Spirit my soul was sought.

Iím looking forward to Heaven.
Though itís still a mystery to me.
But I believe in His promises,
And itís a place I long to see.

Why not join me on the journey?
Thereís no cost for the fare is free.
When Jesus redeemed us on the cross,
He paid the price for you and me.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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