Lord, I値l Follow

Lord; please take me by the hand.
I値l follow where You lead.
You are my Creator and King,
With Your lead I will succeed.

I know I知 unable to do it alone.
I need Your awesome power.
With You beside to lift me up,
I can make it through any hour.

No matter what life might bring,
I know I can make it through.
For by giving You my abiding trust,
Through You all things I can do.

Wherever You lead, I will follow,
for You know what痴 best for me.
I値l not be afraid, but will trust You.
By Your grace Lord, Jesus set me free.

Each day I need to watch my steps,
because others are watching them too.
Lord, I pray, I will walk Your way
and by my walk, You will shine through.

I know not what You have in mind
or what You would have me do.
But, if it痴 to witness to one still lost,
Guide my words to share about You.

Help me find that lonely soul this day,
or offer comfort to someone in pain.
Lord, be with me and direct my way.
By sharing Your love, I know they値l gain.

In the beginning, when You created man,
You placed in his heart the need for You.
I知 Your servant by belief and trust,
I want all others to know You too.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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