Lost Without Him

Have you ever had a restless night,
or day when nothing turns out right?
A time you feel it's useless to pray,
and when God seems to be far away.

Have you ever believed nobody cared,
or sat alone with tears and were scared?
Longing for a friend to share your fate,
or just set and listen about your state.

Have you ever been unhappy or very sad,
unappreciated and feeling life is also bad?
Or have a boss constantly on your case,
screaming and yelling in your face.

Have you ever thought your life a wreck,
or dealt from the bottom of the deck?
Like your life no longer glitters as a gem,
and you know you are lost without Him.

Have you ever heard Jesus' calling voice,
comforting and giving you a choice?
A choice to weather these storms or fall,
when He alone cares enough to call.

Listen for His call descending like a dove,
for it will cover your grief with His love.
Listen for the voice that makes you sing,
where once the bells of Hell did ring.

[ by: John H. Arney, © 2003 (johnarney@starnetok.net) -- submitted by John Arney ]


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