L O V E ' S     D E S I G N

          My Sweetheart, my True Love,
          today is the day
          we will stand before God, by His grace.
          I will promise to love you
          'till death do us part,
          as we stand heart-to-heart, face-to-face.

          All my life I have waited
          for this special day --
          for the one whom my soul yearned to love;
          For my answer to prayer,
          the "One" given to me
          from the heart of the Father above.

          The years I have wasted
          in wandering afar
          are dim memories since I found You,
          As cold snow that melts swiftly
          and soon disappears
          when the Son's warming brilliance
          breaks through.

          Soon our lives will entwine
          as we promise to walk
          from this day forth, always - together.
          With the light of our love
          and the joy of our Lord,
          we'll walk the bright path to forever.

          And lest we should forget,
          there's a dear little girl
          who's been sent by our Father's own plan
          To add giggles, delight,
          and a warm, trusting heart
          to our family, blessed by His hand!

          As we pledge sacred vows
          of commitment and love
          in the hush of this glorious time,
          We'll rejoice in the splendor
          of what God has wrought
          and the excellence of His design!

Mrs. Connie Faust,
Mother of the Bride

Our daughter had turned away from the teachings of her childhood to go her own way, BUT GOD did not turn away from her. He worked through the prayers of her family and the values that had been imbedded in her heart as a child. Even though we felt rather hopeless and wondered whether all our efforts as parents had been in vain, God had not given up on our daughter. Everything we had taught, the love we gave, the teachings we "built" into her, was not wasted. We could not SEE how God was working in her life, but He KNEW the final outcome, even when we despaired. The final chapter of her return began with an unplanned pregnancy. When she bore a beautiful little girl, God reminded her of her own upbringing and asked her what she wanted for her child. She chose God's way. What thanksgiving and joy resulted when she returned to God and her family! When she was married to a dear Christian man six years later, she asked me, her Mom, to write a special poem for their wedding.

[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2007 (beracah@evenlink.com) -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]


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