Husban and wife walking along the beach.

Love Like God

Marriage is hard

Feelings get hurt

Mistakes made in anger

Leave me face down in the dirt

Why do I expect

So much from my spouse?

When I'm less than perfect

Flaws -- I'm not without

It's hard to love

Someone selfish like me

I want acts of grandeur

To soothe my insecurities

But why should I give

Any less than I want

My God loves me daily

Hold back love - He does not

So even when it's hard

I will love every day

The way Christ commands

In a patient and kind way

I will not be proud, rude, or self-seeking

When I need to change

I'll let God do his tweeking

To make me a wife

Who loves even when it's hard

Because true love with God

Is more than a Valentine card

~ Jaime Kubik ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Jaime Kubik Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Jaime Kubik ]

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