I still breathe out Your name
When You have turned to walk Your way
For when I cast my eyes on You,
You take my breath away!

The love light shining from Your eyes
The glory reflecting from Your face
The love carved out, in Your nail-scarred hands
The true majesty of Your grace!

How my anticipation rises
In just knowing You are nigh
I can't wait till our twilight supper,
To be seated at Your side!

Every detail of my being
Every facet of my essence,
Becomes of great importance
When I am in Your presence!

O' how I wish the clock on the wall
Would synchronize its defining tick
With the rapid passing of my heart's beat
For God knows, I am truly LoveSick.

~ Rhonda S. Galizia ~
Copyright © 2008
All Rights Reserved.

"HE Writes the Words on My Heart!"
A Writing-Counseling Ministry for CHRIST in Prose, Poetry & Song
 Rhonda S. Galizia, 1992 Founder & Scribe Unto The LORD  Butterfly
   ~ St. Matthew 13:52 ~

[ By: Rhonda S. Galizia Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Ronda S. Galizia ]

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