Love Your Neighbor

She's friendly, with a welcoming smile,
but I sense she holds trouble inside.
When we chat, I catch a few glimpses
of poverty mingled with pride.

She'll sometimes say, "Don't worry -
I know I can manage just fine."
Through the week I try to forget,
but her concerns will nudge my mind.

So I try to help by inventing a plan,
for a favor that I need instead.
She accepts, the deed is accomplished,
and no further comments are said.

Although there are times I feel used,
with additional burdens for her care.
The blessing of life isn't earned,
it's a privilege we're given to share.

Christ's second commandment:
"Love your neighbor as you love yourself."
Matthew 22:39 (GNB)

[ Laryalee Fraser -- via 'Heartwarmers' -- Ed:Anon. ]


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