Love's Essence

      I sit and think about her love as precious as can be,
      I wonder why this perfect girl is so in love with me?
      I think about the things she says and how she makes me feel,
      I have to stop and pinch myself and realize it's real.

      I've never felt a love like this, each time I think of her,
      Her gentle, loving, soothing voice is like a kitten’s purr.
      Her gentle touch, that drives me wild and sets my heart on fire,
      Creates in me a passion that extends beyond desire.

      I think of softness in her hair, her lips so sweet and warm,
      I think of sunlight radiating on her perfect form.
      So beautiful and elegant, this perfect lovely being,
      And I know that she loves me, but I wonder what she's seeing?

      I'm just a plain and average guy or maybe just below,
      It overwhelms me, that this perfect lady loves me so.
      To me she is so beautiful, could have her pick of men,
      But it is me she wants, and she just shuns the rest of them.

      I sometimes think she has not met the perfect man for her,
      Until he comes along I guess it's me she does prefer.
      She is a goddess in my eyes so beautiful to see,
      Her skin is smooth and lovely it's as soft as it can be.

      I sit and think about her now my mind is racing fast,
      Thinking of the times I've touched her, thinking of the past.
      I ran my fingers through her hair and smelled the sweetest scent,
      I looked into her lovely eyes so deep with sentiment.

      I let her hold me close to her, my head upon her breast,
      The peace I felt while in her arms meant more than all the rest.
      I felt so close and understood what she was thinking of,
      Conveyed within her gentle touch I felt a total love.

      No words could have conveyed it as she gently stroked my hair,
      And words could not describe the love that was exchanging there.
      To have this love is very precious, lovers understand,
      It happens when you least expect it, there is not a plan.

      To find a love that penetrates your body and your soul,
      Filling in the spaces that kept you from being whole.
      Is one of life's fantastic gifts and few there be that find,
      But in my heart, my mind, and soul I know that I've found mine.

      I sometimes think it is too good and soon I will awake,
      And realize it must have been a terrible mistake.
      But then she comes to me once more, and fills my heart again,
      And then I realize I am the luckiest of men.

      To have this precious angel's love, with never any doubt,
      To me she is so beautiful within and also out.
      My eyes cannot believe her beauty, I can't comprehend,
      But with her I am happier than I have ever been.

      She is my world, she is my life, she's every breath I take,
      She's in my mind and is a part of every thought I make.
      To know she really loves me more than any other man,
      Just fills my life with so much love, she's made me who I am.

      I know that life is hard sometimes, we must take it in stride,
      But I can conquer anything when she is by my side.
      She gives me hope to carry on and do what I must do,
      And gives true meaning to my life when she says I love you.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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