Love's Gift

          I wandered through the world's garbage
          A wicked vagabond,
          Stuffing my soul with refuse,
          With which the world abounds.

          But then I heard that Jesus
          Had died to set me free,
          That I could be cleansed and walk with Him
          And from the vileness flee.

          My heart leaped within me
          At such a blessed thought,
          But what the Lord had offered
          Could be neither sold nor bought.

          That He had paid my debt
          And gave me title free
          To approach the Heavenly Father
          Whose bosom welcomed me.

          I cried unto the Savior,
          I'll gladly follow Thee,
          And thank you for your mercy,
          Your great love, and liberty.

          Your life is now my own,
          I gladly take your yoke,
          And ask you to purify me,
          I submit to every stroke.

          My heart is so much lighter,
          My sin is rolled away,
          I no longer dread the facing
          Of my God on judgement day.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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