Magic Man

While walking in the woods one day,
I chanced upon a deer
Who called me close up to her side
And whispered in my ear...

She said she'd heard a legend
'Bout a man in a far land
Who'd walk right into rivers
And touch big fish with his hand.

She said the man was magic ~
That fish swam right up to him...
That he charmed the fish with magic words
And cast a spell on them.

She said that in those woods
She was the wisest of the doe,
And she thought she'd ask a human
If this legend could be so.

With large brown eyes she stared at me
And then she moved quite near...
Her velvet ears seemed to prick-up
As if straining to hear.

I said I'd heard the legend
And assured her it was right,
That I even knew this Magic Man
As his own daughter might.

My answer must have pleased her
For she quickly turned and fled...
And in a wink I was alone,
Still pondering what she'd said.

I thought my mind was playing tricks,
It all seemed far too queer ~
To take a stroll within the woods
And find a talking deer.

It all sounded so fishy,
Yet I knew it must be true ~
'Cause Daddy dear,
the Magic Man
she spoke about
was YOU!


Daddy's Noodlin' Days <'}}}><

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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