Mail Call

Ever since I've been away,
There is one portion of my day
That is ever on my mind;
Hearing from the one I left behind:
It's Mail Call.

No matter what is going on,
Though I have no telephone,
my ears constantly seek it out,
longing for that exciting shout:
Mail Call

In that moment you are mine,
More than at any other time,
In my long and lonely day;
when I allow my mind to stray
to Mail Call.

It means memories I hold dear,
Of my love so far, yet near,
As your missive I unfold,
What new details does it hold?
Mail Call

Our tender moments come rushing back
As your fragrance escapes the pack
And mingles with the words I find,
Causing rushes in my mind...
Mail Call

Then your vision is so true,
My mind totally immersed in you;
It matters not my time or place
As I can only see your face
At Mail Call.

Then stirs the longing of my heart
That we'd no longer be apart;
In that moment we two are one,
Never more to be undone...
At Mail Call.

Please know that all the while I'm gone
My heart and mind both carry on
My strong but tender love for you,
And to your memory I'll be true...
Totally renewed by Mail Call.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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